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how long to deep fry chicken wings

How to Deep Fry Chicken Wings and Whole Chickens

How to Fry Chicken

Fried chicken is a dish that almost everybody loves but some people are a little unsure about how to make it themselves. Questions such as how long to deep fry chicken, how to make deep fried chicken, and how to deep fry chicken wings make the idea of attempting to fry chicken rather daunting.

Nevertheless, do not reach for your Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons just yet, because we have some great advice about fried chicken recipes and how to make deliciously juicy, succulent fried chicken.

Why Does Fried Chicken Taste So Good?

Pan-frying, oven frying, and deep-frying are all technically dry heat cooking methods since oil does not contain moisture. The oil stops the food from drying out. When you deep-fry foods, the oil traps all the moisture inside the food and steams the inside whilst browning the outside. This is why deep fried foods are so succulent and juicy. Continue reading