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genuine southern fried chicken

Genuine Southern Fried Chicken for Real Southern Taste

Sometimes nothing beats the flavor of a real southern fried chicken recipe, so why not make this mouthwatering genuine southern fried chicken tonight? Perhaps tomorrow night is a better idea for this one, because it needs to be salted and left in the refrigerator overnight but that will give you something to look forward to tomorrow.

The reason for salting the chicken is to draw out moisture and this results in juicy yet firm chicken. Real southern fried chicken is succulent and firm and this southern chicken recipe is guaranteed to become a family favorite. This real southern chicken is awesome with mashed potatoes and your favorite vegetables but why not try it with French fries or fried potato wedges and some snow peas or green beans instead? Corn on the cob goes well too, or baked beans or barbecue style beans.

Real southern fried chicken is a dish that there is no substitute for. You either make genuine southern fried chicken or you don’t. Southern fried chicken is a combination of succulent, juicy chicken coated in a crispy and flavorful batter. Once you have tried real southern fried chicken you won’t accept any imitations. Southern fried chicken is simple, delicious, finger-licking good and something that you can make for your family tonight. Continue reading