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garlic chicken

A Touch of Garlic Marinated and Battered Fried Chicken

This southern fried chicken recipe uses a marinade and a coating for a real gourmet finish. Butter, garlic and Old Bay seasoning are used for the marinade. Old Bay seasoning is made with celery, bay leaves, mustard, ginger and red pepper amongst other ingredients and it gives this fried chicken recipe a real kick.

The coating for this fried chicken is made from similar ingredients. The coated chicken needs to refrigerate for several hours to really let the seasonings and flavors seep through. If you are looking for a southern fried chicken which is both tasty and spicy, this one will delight your palate for sure.

Garlic Marinated and Batter Dipped Garlic Coating

The Old Bay, buttermilk and garlic marinade gives the chicken a lovely tang and the buttermilk also softens the texture of the chicken. Although chicken does not need to be tenderized as such (like tough beef does) softening the texture does make it very nice, so it is worth using the marinade. After being marinated, the chicken is coated in the batter mix and then you fry it until it is cooked through on the inside and crispy and golden brown on the outside.

The chicken can be served with any side dishes you and your family happen to like. How does cool and creamy homemade potato salad sound to you, or homemade coleslaw? If you would prefer a hot side dish them fries are always good, or potato wedges. This makes a fabulous meal, whether you are making it on a busy weeknight or making it as a weekend treat for the whole family.
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