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frying chicken

Frying Chicken Step by Step

Perhaps you have eaten fried chicken at your favorite restaurant and wondered how exactly to achieve the same southern style flavorings when you make your own recipe for easy fried chicken.

This dish just melts in the mouth and fried chicken is something that a lot of people enjoy at fast food restaurants without attempting to make themselves at home because they assume it is a difficult recipe.

Actually nothing could be further from the truth. Southern style easy fried chicken is simple to make, even if you are new to making fried chicken recipes or new to frying altogether! To make the most mouthwatering and tasty fried chicken recipe, you simply need to find one of the best fried chicken recipes and follow it.

See How Easy It Can Be?

To sum up, you will need chicken pieces (breasts, thighs, drumsticks or a combination) and an egg mixture, along with a flour mixture. Combining egg with milk, salt and pepper will make a good egg mixture and you can use seasoned flour or plain flour. Dip your chicken in the egg mixture, then in the flour mixture, and fry it until it is cooked through. Continue reading