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Easy Fried Chicken Wings with Mexican Bean Salad

This delicious fried chicken wings recipe makes the most wonderful crispy fried chicken wings. The Mexican bean salad is a great contrast and the mashed potatoes with hot sauce is a mouthwatering side dish. Served altogether this makes a very impressive dinner. You can make the bean salad a few hours in advance and concentrate on the rest of the meal. Some celery sticks with ranch dip or blue cheese dressing is an alternative side dish to the Mexican bean salad.

Chicken wings are always good if you want to make a fried chicken recipe. The meat on chicken wings is tastier than chicken breast meat and it is more succulent also. Chicken wings can be used for making easy party appetizers as well as a dinner recipe like this one. If you are a fan of southern fried chicken you will definitely love these amazing fried chicken wings.

Feel free to forget about the garlic and onion hot sauce recipe, although it is good with the potatoes. If you want a different recipe for fried chicken wings, leave off the egg wash and flour for dipping and just fry the wings as they are. Make the hot sauce and toss the chicken wings in it instead of ladling it over the mashed potatoes. This is another good preparation method if you want to know how to make fried chicken wings which melt in the mouth. Continue reading