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fried chicken seasoning trio

A Seasoning Trifecta Gives This Fried Chicken Recipe a Unique Taste

Fried chicken seasoning sets this fried chicken recipe apart from the others. There are different brands of fried chicken seasoning available but most of them contain paprika, mustard, garlic salt, ginger, oregano and thyme, all of which will really enhance the flavor of your fried chicken recipe.

The chicken in this recipe is not soaked in milk or buttermilk but is washed and then immediately coated with the seasoned flour mixture. For a really crispy and aromatic fried chicken recipe, this is a really good one to have a go at. It is nice served with buttery mashed potatoes or French fries. Peanut oil is a good oil to use for frying since it has a high smoke point and does not interfere with the chicken flavor.

Use a fried chicken seasoning trio if you fancy livening up your favorite recipe for fried chicken. Any of the chicken seasonings available from the grocery store give a similar flavor and you can use as little or as much as you think the chicken needs. A little salt and pepper can be mixed with the flour to make the coating for various fried chicken recipes but sometimes it is nice to use some special fried chicken seasoning and make extra delicious southern fried chicken. Serve this crunchy fried chicken with your favorite side dishes or simply with a dipping sauce – maybe mayonnaise or ketchup, to keep things easy. Continue reading