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fried chicken rolls oriental style

Oriental Fried Chicken Rolls

These delicious chicken rolls are ideal either as appetizers or as part of a main meal. If you like Asian food, you will love this fried chicken recipe because it is very flavorful and also simple to make, even for novice chefs. Bean curd sheets are used to enclose the delicious chicken mixture in these Asian fried chicken rolls and you should find them at an Asian food store if they are not at your usual grocery store.

Featuring the flavors of soy sauce, cinnamon, parsley, water chestnuts, onion and more, these fried chicken rolls are truly delicious, especially when served with sliced cucumber and sweet chili sauce on the side. The texture of the cucumber contrasts brilliantly with the fried chicken and sweet chili sauce makes the perfect dip for this tasty fried chicken recipe. If international recipes are your thing, you have to try this wonderful chicken recipe. If you like recipes for egg rolls and similar foods, you are really going to love these fried chicken rolls oriental style.

Oriental fried chicken rolls make a really nice appetizer. If you are having a buffet you can make these chicken rolls as the table centerpiece and leave a couple of bowls of dipping sauces, maybe satay and sweet and sour, next to them, so people can dip them before eating. Continue reading