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Fried Chicken Recipes

Using Buttermilk to Make Fried Chicken Recipes

Buttermilk was traditionally made by churning butter. It was the milky byproduct left over from doing that. Today it is made from skim milk, live cultures, lactose, water and a tiny bit of butterfat.

Marinating chicken pieces in buttermilk overnight or for several hours before making your favorite fried chicken recipe is strictly optional but many people would say it is well worth doing. Buttermilk not only gives your chicken a fantastic flavor but it also helps to tenderize the meat and make it soft and delicious.

If you are looking for a real southern fried chicken experience, soak your chicken in buttermilk before you fry it and you will be able to tell the difference. Once you have tried this approach to making the best deep fried chicken recipes you will want to use buttermilk every time. Continue reading

Low-Fat Fried Chicken Recipes without Batter or Breadcrumbs

Sometimes it is nice to make a traditional fried chicken recipe with a thick and crispy batter coating, golden brown breadcrumbs or a nice, richly flavored seasoned flour crust. Other times it is good to make a pan fried chicken recipe without this coating.

The crispy exterior is associated with fried chicken and especially famous fried chicken recipes like KFC chicken and the like. However, chicken is incredibly versatile to cook with and you can simply season it or marinate it and cook it that way. Pan frying is the best cooking method if you are not coating the chicken because deep fried uncoated chicken would be greasy since there is no coating to stop the oil soaking into the meat.

Add Seasonings, Herbs and Spices for Flavor

You can use lemon or lime juice as a seasoning for non-coated fried chicken recipes, or another liquid if you want. This adds flavor and it also gives your selected herbs and spices something to stick to. Salt and pepper are used in most fried chicken recipes that call for seasoning but you might like to use poultry seasoning instead. This comes in lots of different flavors and you can also make your own. Continue reading