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fried chicken nutrition

The Facts About Fried Chicken Nutrition

Fried Chicken Nutrition

When you fancy making a Kentucky fried chicken recipe, Southern fried chicken recipe or your favorite fried chicken batter recipe, calories are probably not uppermost in your mind. Fried chicken is a wonderfully indulgent treat and having your chicken fried is a great way to enjoy it.

You might be interested in knowing about fried chicken nutrition however. A serving of fried chicken contains an approximate 905 calories, 52 grams of fat and 285 mg of cholesterol and that is before you add any breading! Before you decide to throw your favorite fried chicken recipe in the garbage and resolve never to indulge in such a feast again, there are ways to make fried chicken healthier.

Choose Your Side Dishes Carefully

First of all, what are you going to eat with your fried chicken? Fried chicken does not have to be served with a jumbo portion of French fries and lashings of mayonnaise. What about making a three bean salad or a pasta and vegetable salad? Cooking some delicious corn on the cob is another good idea. A baked potato with sour cream is very nice with a southern fried chicken recipe and it will fill you up. Continue reading