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fried chicken batter recipe

Milk and Egg Makes This Fried Chicken Batter Thick and Crispy Yet Tender and Juicy

This is a wonderfully delicious fried chicken batter recipe prepared in heavy batter of milk and egg, followed by a poultry seasoning and more, in a seasoned flour mixture and finally fried to a crisp golden brown and moist and tender. A milk and egg mixture is used to coat and moisten the chicken and then a special coating mixture with poultry seasoning, paprika and garlic is used. This exciting combination of flavors results in a wonderfully crispy fried chicken batter recipe.

Poultry seasoning is usually a combination of dried sage, thyme and marjoram but there are different types available so you might like to try different ones until you find the one that you like best. Some other types of poultry seasoning also contain onion powder and rosemary. These herbs really complement the chicken flavor. You can make your own poultry seasoning or buy it readymade in the store.

This fried chicken batter recipe is browned and then cooked in hot oil. The chicken needs to be drained on kitchen paper and cooled on a wire rack when it’s done. If you are looking for a crunchy fried chicken batter recipes, this one always comes out really great. The batter recipe is easy to make and apply and the resulting fried chicken will be crispy, delicious and full of flavor. Continue reading