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five reasons to make your own fried chicken recipes

Five Reasons to Make Your Own Fried Chicken Recipes

1. Nothing Melts in the Mouth Like Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has an aroma that can make your mouth water and the flavor is indescribably good. Good fried chicken recipes should be succulent and tender inside and crispy on the outside. Many people would claim that fried chicken is their favorite comfort food and it is not hard to see why.

2. Fried Chicken is Easy to Make

There is nothing difficult or mysterious about making fried chicken. Easy fried chicken recipes mean that you can make the coating for your chicken within a few minutes and fry or bake the chicken without any problems too.

3. You Have Total Control Over the Ingredients

You can use different cuts of chicken when making your own southern fried chicken recipes. You can also choose which coating to use, how spicy to make the chicken and the cooking method. You can even oven fry chicken to make it healthier yet still very tasty. Continue reading