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easy fried chicken

Southern Fried Chicken Recipe the Easy Way

If you are looking for a delicious and very easy fried chicken recipe, this is a great one to use. Flour, milk and eggs are used for a crispy batter and the chicken pieces are cooked in a skillet until they are cooked through and tender on the inside and golden brown and crispy on the outside.

You can serve this southern fried chicken recipe with ketchup or mayonnaise and French fries on the side. The secret to making the very best southern fried chicken actually has more to do with the cooking than the ingredients. Letting the coated chicken pieces air dry for twenty minutes before frying them means they will turn out even more crispy!

This recipe is simple, delicious, and easy to make. Just be sure to make enough for dinner and still have a few pieces leftover – as delicious as fried chicken is straight from the pan, it’s even better cold the next day. Of course, this recipe for fried chicken makes the most succulent chicken it is unlikely you are going to have any leftovers to enjoy the next day, but it is nice to make extra of course, just in case. You never know. Continue reading

How to Make Fried Chicken the Easy Way

Kentucky Fried Chicken is not the only place to get succulent, tender fried chicken. Have you ever tried making your own deep fried chicken recipe? It is much easier than you might have thought and you can tailor the ingredients until you find the perfect fried chicken recipe. There are lots of different fried chicken recipes to choose from, depending on the end flavor, you have in mind and what the rest of the family likes or does not like.

How to Cook Fried Chicken

There are various ways to cook fried chicken including oven fried chicken and pressure cooker fried chicken but the most common way by far is in a deep fat fryer or in a skillet filled with oil. First, you rinse the chicken pieces and drain them. Then you dip them in a batter made from flour, eggs, buttermilk, or whatever else the recipe calls for.

The chicken is fried in hot oil or shortening until golden brown and cooked through. You can serve fried chicken with whichever side dishes you like, such as French fries, potato salad, creamed corn, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy, bean salad or whatever you want to make. Continue reading