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Cashew Chicken Recipe

Have you had cashew chicken, perhaps in a restaurant or as part of a takeout meal? A cashew chicken is a dish that comprises stir-fried or deep-fried chicken combined with some cashew nuts and finished with delicious oyster sauce. It is said to be a Chinese-American dish that has gained popularity due to its exquisite flavors and pure deliciousness.

This cashew chicken dish, through the years, has gained a lot of variations due to its popularity. A particular variation that is quite well known is from the city of Springfield, Missouri. In this version, the chicken is coated with breadcrumbs and then cooked by deep-frying. This version was said to be first served in the year 1963 by David Leong, a chef who migrated to the United States from China. He came up with the cashew chicken Springfield version in order to gain acceptance in the United States. He wanted to prepare a dish that will charm the palate of the locals.

Due to the popularity of the dish, he was able to open his ‘Leong’s Tea House’ and, in 2010, his son was able to open a new restaurant in Springfield that specialized in cashew chicken. His signature cashew chicken dish became very famous and was even named as unofficial dish of the city. Continue reading

Breaded Chicken Bites and Fried Plantains

What Makes Breaded Chicken Bites and Fried Plantains So Wonderfully Unique?

An oven fried chicken recipe, southern fried chicken recipe or chicken fried steak is a definite comfort food and a lot of people really enjoy the way this type of chicken dish is crunchy on the outside yet soft and succulent on the inside.

A breaded chicken bites recipe is ideal for either adults or kids because fried chicken makes everyone’s mouth water. You can cut the fat content of your fried chicken recipes by making oven fried chicken or you can simply fry it in oil the traditional way. Eating fried food occasionally is not going to do you any harm.

A Change Can Be Good

One of the reasons why a fried plantains and breaded chicken bites recipe is so unique is that it makes a change from the standard fried chicken recipe, in that the plantains make a change to fries or potato salad.

There is nothing wrong with the classic southern fried chicken recipe and its usual side dishes, of course, but sometimes it is good to shake things up a bit and make something unusual, like this exciting Nicaraguan dish. Continue reading

Quick Shredded Chicken Recipes

What Makes Quick Shredded Chicken Recipes so Wonderfully Unique

Chicken is one of the best ingredients that you can cook with, thanks in large part to its versatility. Whether you are adding it into a white sauce or serving it over pasta, chicken can be used in nearly any creation. Shredded chicken is actually one of the best ways to prepare chicken, and you will find that the many shredded chicken recipes are as delicious as they are unique.

The thing that makes shredded chicken recipes so unique is the fact that you actually get more volume for the amount of chicken that you use. If you serve a chicken steak on its own, you are only going to get a limited amount of meat per serving. However, when using shredded chicken, you are able to get far more volume of food than you would get if you simply served up a chicken steak on its own.

This is due to the fact that you can easily add a number of ingredients to your shredded chicken recipe. Look at Mexican chicken fajitas that combine sliced onions and bell peppers with shredded chicken to make a delicious recipe. That is an excellent example of why shredded chicken recipes are so wonderfully unique, and you will find that you can make a wide variety of delicious shredded recipes in a matter of minutes. Continue reading