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Breaded Chicken Bites and Fried Plantains

What Makes Breaded Chicken Bites and Fried Plantains So Wonderfully Unique?

An oven fried chicken recipe, southern fried chicken recipe or chicken fried steak is a definite comfort food and a lot of people really enjoy the way this type of chicken dish is crunchy on the outside yet soft and succulent on the inside.

A breaded chicken bites recipe is ideal for either adults or kids because fried chicken makes everyone’s mouth water. You can cut the fat content of your fried chicken recipes by making oven fried chicken or you can simply fry it in oil the traditional way. Eating fried food occasionally is not going to do you any harm.

A Change Can Be Good

One of the reasons why a fried plantains and breaded chicken bites recipe is so unique is that it makes a change from the standard fried chicken recipe, in that the plantains make a change to fries or potato salad.

There is nothing wrong with the classic southern fried chicken recipe and its usual side dishes, of course, but sometimes it is good to shake things up a bit and make something unusual, like this exciting Nicaraguan dish. Continue reading

Easy Hot and Juice Fried Chicken Fresh From the Oven

This multilayer fried chicken is dipped in flour, then in an egg and milk mixture and finally coated in breadcrumbs. This is an oven fried chicken recipe, combining the authentic southern fried chicken flavor with a tasty home-baked taste. Paprika and pepper liven up the spicy flavor and garlic and onion improve the taste even more. You will still get a tasty, crispy coating on oven fried chicken but it will not be oily like with pan-fried or deep fried southern fried chicken recipes.

A lot of fried chicken recipes are coated in an egg mixture and then seasoned flour, and then deep fried, but this one is different. Sometimes it is nice to make an oven fried chicken recipe and not just for the health benefits. Oven fried chicken makes a change from deep fried chicken and you can add other ingredients to the dish while it bakes, to add to the flavor of the easy oven fried chicken recipe you are making, such as the garlic and onion in this case.

For an extra kick you might like to add a couple of drops of chili sauce to the egg and milk mixture or some chili powder to the seasoned breadcrumbs. This oven fried chicken is great served with mashed potatoes or French fries and perhaps a serving of deep fried garlic mushrooms or onion rings on the side. Continue reading