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delicious southern fried chicken burger

Classic Southern Fried Chicken Fillet Burger with That Real Southern Flavor

Southern fried chicken can be served in many different ways and one great variation is to make southern fried chicken burgers and serve the chicken in a bun. A chicken fried burger goes well with French fries and these southern fried chicken burgers are simple to make.

You can vary what you put with the finished burgers so if you fancy pickles or bacon, feel free to include them. You might want a slice of cheese in your southern fried chicken burger as well. Both adults and kids will love this delicious variation of Southern fried chicken and this is an economical meal to make as well as a very tasty one. Perhaps you are more used to eating pork hamburgers rather than a delicious southern fried chicken burger but these make a nice change. Chicken is nutritious and this is certainly an easy burger to make.

The chicken is pounded thin to make this southern fried chicken fillet burger and then coated in egg and flour to result in a very crispy batter. As with any kind of southern fried chicken recipe, the crispy batter contrasts beautifully with the soft, tender chicken inside it. A chicken sandwich makes a delicious lunch or dinner and kids and adults alike will enjoy this wholesome southern classic recipe. Continue reading