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A Tasty Deep Fried Chicken Recipe with a Twist

This delicious deep fried chicken recipe features chicken soup which really enhances and boosts the wonderful chicken flavor. Paprika, garlic and egg work together to make a heavy and rich batter, and to add even more flavor. You can try condensed cream of tomato soup or mushroom soup if you want to try a different flavor and either of these would be tasty with the fried chicken flavor.

Serve this delightful deep fried chicken recipe with ketchup, mayonnaise, potato wedges, deep fried mushrooms, French fries, onion rings or, if you are really hungry, all of these! Fried chicken is all about indulgence in the best tasting food and you might as well combine the best tasting fried chicken recipe with the best tasting side dishes.

The main reason why this deep fried chicken is so crispy is that it is left to sit for a while before you fry it. Don’t omit this step if you are in a hurry because the difference between regular fried chicken and this extra crispy fried chicken is phenomenal. Crunchy fried chicken might be something you have only tried at fast food restaurants before now but it is so amazing, both in terms of flavor and texture. Continue reading