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Deep Fried Chicken

Deep Fried Chicken Drumsticks

All the parts of a chicken can be deep-fried, so whether you favor breasts, thighs, drumsticks or a mixed selection of chicken pieces, there is a deep-fried chicken recipe for you. The following recipe is made using drumsticks. The chicken is boiled to begin with, and the main reason for that is to cook the chicken through. When deep-frying chicken, you do not always use very thick pieces, so it makes sense to cook them through before the frying stage. Then you can focus on getting the chicken pieces really crispy.

When the coating is perfectly crispy and golden brown, there is no need to leave the chicken in the oil so the meat can cook through because it is already cooked through. Let the chicken cool for about 10 minutes before serving it. Do not worry that it will get cold because it will not. The chicken is extremely hot when it comes out of the oil, so just let it cool off for 10 minutes and you can serve it warm with your favorite side dishes.

Contrasting the chicken with the sides is always nice so perhaps make a potato salad or coleslaw recipe (remember, homemade is best!) and serve that with the chicken. This recipe features cayenne and paprika and those are great spices to use for fried chicken because they add a touch of spice. If you wish to increase the amount then go ahead. Continue reading

Real Southern Style Deep Fried Chicken

This deep fried chicken recipe is really good and the cayenne pepper gives it a lively kick. The mustard seeds add even more of a kick but you can omit those if you want to. Deep fried chicken is a classic dish and a great comfort food as well. This recipe is very easy to follow and if you are a fan of fried chicken recipes you are sure to like it.

You can deep fry chicken in a few minutes but this fried chicken recipe calls for the chicken to marinate in milk. Technically this is an optional step but it makes the chicken very tender so it is worth doing. It just means you need to plan your dinner a bit in advance. Deep fried chicken recipes are wonderful served with ketchup or mayonnaise for dipping or even a tasty homemade gravy recipe.

Fried chicken is one of the nation’s favorite dishes and there is little wonder. Succulent juicy chicken in a crispy batter just can’t be beaten for taste, texture and the satisfaction you get from enjoying it. Homemade fried chicken is economical to make and there are lots of recipes to choose from and various cooking methods, including deep frying, pan frying and oven frying. You can make fried chicken recipes as spicy or as plain as you like. Continue reading

A Tasty Southern Deep Fried Chicken Recipe for the Whole Family

This is a simple deep frying method for chicken. If you want to enjoy your southern fried chicken at room temperature, this is a very good way to cook it because the meat stays crispy for longer, making this idea for buffets, boxed lunches or any time when the chicken is going to cool down or be served chilled. You can choose from peanut oil or lard but lard is the more traditional way if you want to stick to an authentic southern fried chicken recipe.

The chicken is coated in seasoned flour, with a little paprika added for color and a spicy zing, and then the chicken is deep fried in the melted lard until it is crispy and golden brown. This is a traditional southern deep fried chicken recipe. There is no buttermilk or egg coating before the seasoned flour goes on. This is enough to keep it crispy and delicious.

If you have any chicken left over, you can wrap it well, freeze it, and refry it later. If you plan to do this, you will need to use a cooking oil with a high smoke point, such as peanut oil. If you want a real southern deep fried chicken recipe, you have found a great one right here! This fried chicken recipe is full of flavor. Continue reading

A Tasty Deep Fried Chicken Recipe with a Twist

This delicious deep fried chicken recipe features chicken soup which really enhances and boosts the wonderful chicken flavor. Paprika, garlic and egg work together to make a heavy and rich batter, and to add even more flavor. You can try condensed cream of tomato soup or mushroom soup if you want to try a different flavor and either of these would be tasty with the fried chicken flavor.

Serve this delightful deep fried chicken recipe with ketchup, mayonnaise, potato wedges, deep fried mushrooms, French fries, onion rings or, if you are really hungry, all of these! Fried chicken is all about indulgence in the best tasting food and you might as well combine the best tasting fried chicken recipe with the best tasting side dishes.

The main reason why this deep fried chicken is so crispy is that it is left to sit for a while before you fry it. Don’t omit this step if you are in a hurry because the difference between regular fried chicken and this extra crispy fried chicken is phenomenal. Crunchy fried chicken might be something you have only tried at fast food restaurants before now but it is so amazing, both in terms of flavor and texture. Continue reading