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crunchy fried chicken recipe

Spicy Chicken Fingers with the Taste of Mexico

The perfect crunchy fried chicken recipe should have moist, succulent chicken on the inside and a crispy, crunchy batter on the outside. Fried chicken recipes are often a lot more straightforward than you might think and the following recipe is easy to make and gives a superb result.

This crunchy fried chicken recipe makes crispy Mexican style fried chicken fingers, which are great served with garlic mayonnaise or a spicy Mexican tomato salsa. Perhaps you fancy making a satisfying fried chicken recipe but you are looking for something a bit different. In that case, this Mexican style crunchy fried chicken recipe could be just what you’re looking for. Crispy chicken fingers make a satisfying dinner and you can accompany this recipe with any side dishes you happen to live.

Stay in theme and make a Mexican layered salad or a Mexican rice dish. Alternatively you could make a fusion meal by having French fries or mashed potatoes and coleslaw on the side. The great thing about international fried chicken recipes is that they go so well with classic American fast food side dishes. Continue reading