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church potluck dinner

Church Potluck Dinner Fried Chicken Recipe

Church potluck dinner fried chicken is similar to a our authentic fried chicken recipe in some ways but the recipe is not the same and the coating is also different. The Italian dressing mix and onion soup mix are used in both these recipes though. Church potluck dinner chicken is a North American tradition in the south which has been around for generations. In fact it is fair to say this one is better than good!

Church potluck dinner chicken goes well with, French fries, mashed potatoes, sandwiches, fried okra, nuggets, honey butter biscuits and much more. You could make a couple of these side dishes to go with the Church potluck dinner fried chicken recipe if you wanted to, for an authentic eating experience. The fried chicken is easy to make and you could rustle up some corn on the cob and fried okra while the chicken bakes. The chicken in this fried chicken recipe is baked after being pan fried for a tasty texture finish and to make sure it is cooked to perfection. To delight your family, try this Church potluck dinner fried chicken recipe. It is guaranteed to be a hit because the delicious batter and succulent juicy chicken contrast so nicely together.

The following recipe for Church potluck dinner fried chicken combines the flavors of paprika, seasoned salt, onion soup mix and more for a finger-licking good fried chicken recipe. You can store the dry ingredient mixture in a covered container at room temperature for up to three months if you want to make extra, to save you making it again the next time you want to make Church potluck dinner fried chicken. Continue reading