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chinese fried chicken wings recipe

Sticky Chinese Fried Chicken Wings

This Chinese recipe for fried chicken wings is really sweet and flavorful. Coca cola and Chinese five spice are used for a sweet and spicy taste. Using Coca Cola is not that different to using sugar, which also features in a lot of fried chicken recipes, but the fact that it is liquid means you can combine it with soy sauce to make a tasty fried chicken sauce. In the Chinese province of Shanghai sweet and spicy sauces are very popular and the sweetness is a great contrast with the spiciness of the chicken wings themselves.

Perhaps you have had Chinese dry fried chicken before or another Chinese chicken recipe. This recipe is so easy to make. If you are in a rush, you can add corn flour to the sauce to thicken it up faster, rather than waiting for it to boil down and reduce.

Serve these fried chicken wings with rice or noodles to keep the Chinese theme or with potato wedges or French fries to make it more of a fusion meal. It is impossible to describe just how flavorful and delicious these Chinese fried chicken wings are but they are highly recommended because the recipe is easy and the results are phenomenal. Continue reading