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Hawaiian Chicken Wings Recipe

This amazing Hawaiian chicken wings recipe will leave you speechless because it is so deliciously different. The flavors are incredible and whether or not you have eaten Hawaiian dishes before, or if you are new to this cuisine, this dish is worth making because it will not let you down.

“Aloha, ho’okomo!” Prepare for your own version of a Hawaiian Luau when you cook up a batch of these succulent tender morsels from this recipe. Light the tiki torches and place them around your outside patio. Each bite of these juicy sweet wings will have you expecting to see the hula dancers any minute. They are so reminiscent of Hawaii.

Of course it is fun to make these wings. They do not require very many ingredients, they are easy to make when you follow the step-by-step directions below and, what is even better, they are fun to eat! Continue reading