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chicken leg quarters

Oven Fried Chicken Leg Quarters with Herbs and Spices

Now I know the purest out there are going to tell me this isn’t real fried chicken and they’re right not in the truest sense of the term. What it is though is a cooking method that is a healthier way of preparing chicken and having the feel of fried chicken without having to lie to you cardiologist. Don’t get me wrong I love fried chicken or I wouldn’t do a whole site dedicated to it but there are other methods of frying thus the international category and although in my opinion southern fried chicken is the top of the pyramid that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the other levels of the fried chicken pyramid and enjoy chicken more often without having to need an ER each time.

If you are only doing it once in a while by all means try one of my traditional southern fried chicken recipes, but if you eat chicken a few times a week like my family then you are going to want to mix it up for two reasons. One it is healthier enough said there and two it breaks up the heaviness of batter fried chicken and offers a lighter dinning experience than regular fried chicken would be too heavy to eat to many nights a week. I also like doing stir-fries to mix it up and although not traditional southern cooking method either I don’t think anyone can argue that a good stir-fry is a way of enjoying more chicken with more verity.

See my family eats loads of chicken as it is the easiest way to stretch the food budget with a house full of carnivorous guys and still keep meat the focal point of each meal. But chicken can get boring if made the same way each time so I mix it up with a nice fried chicken one night an oven baked one another and then follow it up with a nice stir-fried chicken or a stove top cooking method. This keeps chicken the main meal three nights but different each time so no food repeat boredom in the mix which is very important to keep meals varying it makes everyone happier. And as a working mom I know I am giving them a healthier alternative to other meats, saving on the budget, and offering a verity of different options regularly so we are all happier.

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