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3 Unique Ideas for Chicken

Japanese food is all about elegance, aroma and style. The most delicate sushi, the most aromatic soups and the most delicious Japanese style chicken recipes are just some of what Japanese cuisine is really all about. Japanese recipes often feature fish and chicken and there are many ways to cook these. Deep fried chicken is popular in Japan, as it is in many other countries, but how would a Japanese cook prepare their chicken? Lemon, ginger, wasabi, sake, sesame oil and soy sauce are among the most popular Japanese flavorings for food.

Not all Japanese recipes are fried either they have plenty of other styles of cooking and modern Japanese cooking has changed along with the introduction of western style appliances in some Japanese homes. There is still plenty of traditional cooking methods we can employee in our chicken recipes but don’t discount new methods of preparing food either.

Don’t forget, if you are serving Japanese appetizers or Japanese chicken recipes and you want to do it in an authentic way, the food has to look good and be prepared so it can be eaten with the use of chopsticks so your meats need to be in bite size form. Serve some fresh herbs or thinly sliced lemon as garnish and use attractive crockery. People eat with their eyes before your Japanese chicken recipes even touch their tongue, so make sure your food looks appealing and everyone will want to sample some. You can serve Japanese chicken recipes with rice or noodles to keep in with the Japanese theme or with mashed potatoes or French fries to create a fusion dish. Continue reading