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chicken fried steak

Southern Chicken Fried Steak with Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes

I know technically chicken fried steak isn’t a chicken recipe but the cooking method is more like fried chicken than anything so that is why I include it in this site. I know it is really a beef recipe but no other beef recipe is treated like it and it really is treated like a piece of fried chicken and more closely resembles fried chicken then steak so it is much more like a fried chicken recipe than anything else and thus hence why it is included in this site.

There is no clear history as to who is the first to create chicken fried steak it is believed to of come to the south via German and Austrian immigrants to Texas as Wiener schnitzel and been an adaptation of that. Early notes of similar dishes date back to the early to mid 1800’s and as early as the first part of the 1900’s there are mentions in cookbooks and regional papers. The dish is sometimes referred to as country fried steak in place outside the south where the dish is very popular. It can also be made from a pork cutlet in other visitants.

No matter where, why, or when there is no doubt that chicken fried steak or country fried steak is a popular dish often served with some variation of a milk gravy and often accompanied by mash potatoes of some sort and green beans seems to be a common vegetable to go with it although none of this is a hardened and fast set of rules as the dish can really be served with anything. The one thing that is common is the batter and the cooking method most closely resembles fried chicken and thus the name. It is a dish worth trying and is very quick and easy to make do to the fact that the steak used most commonly is cube steak (minute steak in some areas) and cooks extremely quick. Continue reading

The Ultimate Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

This is a typical Southern recipe and if you cannot decide between chicken and steak for dinner, make this recipe, and you will get the best of both worlds. If you usually have southern fried chicken, try this dish instead, and you can still enjoy the wonderful crunch of homemade batter, but you also get juicy beef and a gorgeous white gravy too.

More about this Iconic Southern Dish

Chicken fried steak is a piece of steak which is coated with a simple batter and then pan-fried. Some people say the name came about because the cooking method is the same as for fried chicken, while others say it is because the cooking oil has already been used to fry chicken. The Latin American-Italian dish Milanesa and the Austrian dish Wiener Schnitzel, are very similar to chicken fried steak. Those are usually made with veal or pork, but the coating and cooking method are very similar. Our recipe is made with beef which is thinly sliced and tenderized, and a very simple egg and flour batter, which is applied in a several layers to get it nice and thick.

Put the coated beef in the refrigerator or freezer for 15 minutes after coating it, and the coating will stick on to the meat much better. The chicken fried steak is cooked in a pan and then it is kept warm in the oven while you prepare the gravy. All the best gravies begin with the fat left in the pan from cooking meat, and to that you will add flour, broth, milk, and thyme. The result is thick, rich and goes perfectly with the chicken fried steak. Serve creamy mashed potatoes with this dish, along with your favorite veggies, and you have a complete meal. Continue reading

Chicken Fried Steak Recipe

Do you just love Southern cooking you are looking for a quick and easy recipe to make for your family tonight? Try this chicken fried steak and find out what all the fuss is about. Yes, chicken fried steak really is that good!

This chicken fried steak recipe will bring visions of the South and down home, rib-sticking food to mind. As the popular queen of southern cooking portrays, this is the epitome of the good old South.

A serving platter of tender beef steak seasoned, battered and fried to a golden perfection, a covered tureen of rich creamy milk gravy, a bowel of sweet buttered whole kernel corn, and a cloth covered basket of steamy hot buttermilk biscuits bring images of a cowboy chuck wagon triangular dinner bell with the clangor ringing the call to dinner. Continue reading

Country Chicken Fried Steak

One of the South’s great dinner dishes is chicken fried steak. delicious thin beef steaks that are tenderized, flour-coated and cooked to crunchy perfection. It is a wonderfully delicious and super-easy meal to prepare.

It is a comfort food enjoyed over the years in many Southern family homes. This Southern food can be prepared in about 20 minutes or less, from start to finish. Typically served with delicious creamy milk gravy and snow white mashed potatoes, it is a tasty treat for all to enjoy.

If you have never tasted chicken fried steak, then this recipe is one you simply have to try. The crunchy breading, perfectly seasoned and tender steak is absolutely delicious. Even the children will devour this tender delicious meal. It will undoubtedly become a quick family favorite of your household as well. Continue reading

Lemon Chicken Fried Steak and Homemade Gravy

This chicken fried steak is seasoned with lemon juice and the homemade onion gravy is really good. This recipe is nice served with mashed potatoes and peas or broccoli. The sauce is one of the most special things about this delicious chicken fried steak and the onion flavor goes really well with the lemon-infused chicken. After making the sauce and pureeing it in a food processor you can cover and chill it for up to two days if you want to.

If you are looking for an elegant yet easy chicken fried steak recipe, you will definitely enjoy this one. It is not difficult to make and marinating the chicken in the lemon juice gives it a superior taste. Feel free to make a different type of sauce or gravy to serve with this easy chicken recipe but the bread and onion sauce really does go nicely.

Teaming this chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and peas makes it a healthy and nutritious meal which is suitable for the whole family. If you want to serve your family top quality food and offer them a delicious and balanced diet, this chicken fried steak is a great dinner recipe to add to your cooking repertoire. Continue reading