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caribbean fried chicken

Spicy Fried Chicken with a Taste of the Caribbean

This Caribbean chicken recipe combines the wonderfully aromatic flavors of garlic, lemon, paprika, soy sauce and hot sauce for a lively flavor. The chicken is coated in the delicious spicy mixture and then in flour. Most paprika comes from Spain, Central America, California and Hungary.

There are six types of Hungarian paprika, varying from the plain to the very spicy. Paprika can also come in tasty smoked varieties. Sometimes cayenne pepper is added to the paprika to spice it up a bit. Paprika is always added to food before cooking it because it releases its heat and flavor when heated. Alternatively it can be used as a colorant. The paprika gives a golden hint of color to this fried Caribbean chicken recipe, which adds to its visual appeal.

For a spicy and delicious Caribbean chicken recipe, this one ticks all the boxes. Whether you fancy a deliciously different fried chicken dinner or something colorful and reminiscent of the Caribbean, you are definitely going to love this. The Caribbean flavors go well with any side dish you could keep this Caribbean fried chicken colorful with a mixed salad or serve it with hot mashed potatoes or crispy French fries. Continue reading