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A Tender, Juicy Buttermilk Chicken for Perfect Chicken

This traditional buttermilk batter fried chicken recipe makes wonderful fried chicken. The buttermilk soaked chicken is mixed with flour and seasonings before being fried in a skillet. It is important to make sure the oil is at least 375 degrees F, else the chicken will be soggy and greasy, which is not the desired result when making buttermilk fried chicken recipes. The chicken in this fried chicken recipe is rolled in the buttermilk before having the flour coating applied. With some recipes for fried buttermilk chicken, the chicken is marinated in the buttermilk to make it soft but if you prefer a milder flavor, just rolling the chicken through the buttermilk to give it a hint of buttermilk taste and make the flour stick works also.

A high cooking temperature for this traditional buttermilk fried chicken recipe also ensures a crispy finish. Use room temperature chicken pieces. Cold chicken would bring down the oil temperature and might end up greasy instead of moist inside and crispy outside. Buttermilk batter fried chicken is a great weekend treat or a nice snack to eat in front of a movie. You can serve the chicken as it is or with some French fries or onion rings.

Buttermilk fried chicken lightly battered and seasoned, fried golden brown makes such a nice meal and if you are interested in making copycat restaurant recipes this one is every bit as juicy and mouthwatering as fried chicken from your favorite fried chicken restaurant. It is also very easy to prepare. Continue reading

Buttermilk Makes Tender Juicy Chicken Results Easy

The chicken in this buttermilk fried chicken recipe is soaked in buttermilk to tenderize it in the same way as Indians soak their meat in yogurt for tender, juicy results. After being soaked, some of the tangy buttermilk flavor will have soaked into the chicken and you will have a thin buttermilk coating which helps the flour and seasonings stick to the chicken pieces. There are many different buttermilk fried chicken recipes with different flavors and ingredients but the principle of using buttermilk to tenderize and flavor the chicken is the same.

If you want a stronger buttermilk flavor, you can leave the chicken soaking in it overnight before making this buttermilk fried chicken recipe, but fifteen minutes is fine too. Use tongs to turn and move the chicken. If you use a fork and accidentally pierce the chicken, some of the juices will escape, making it less moist inside. This fried chicken is soaked in buttermilk briefly, lightly battered and seasoned.

Apart from the buttermilk the ingredients in this fried buttermilk chicken recipe are very simple. A little salt and pepper seasons the flour and all the rest of the flavor comes from the juicy chicken itself. This is an easy fried chicken recipe and one that is always satisfying and delicious. This chicken is pan-fried for a succulent finish and a crispy batter. If you want a buttermilk fried chicken recipe which satisfies your hunger completely, this one will do just that. Continue reading