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buffalo fried chicken strips

Tasty Deep Fried Buffalo Fried Chicken Strips

These tasty buffalo fried chicken strips go very nicely with corn and French fries on the side. If you want to make a quick yet tasty dinner, you can make these fried chicken strips in minutes. With this chicken strips recipe, the chicken is coated in three different mixtures and then deep fried. The cornflakes especially add to the flavorful crispiness and the cayenne spices them up a bit.

Chicken strips make a change from fried chicken wings, legs or breast and you can use whichever dressing or sauce you like for dipping. These tasty buffalo style fried chicken strips are crispy on the outside and tender in the middle. You can also serve them as part of a buffet or even as appetizers with some kind of tasty dip on the side.

If you are a fried chicken recipe fan, what about making something a little more unusual than plain fried chicken? This buffalo fried chicken strips recipe is very simple and your whole family is guaranteed to love it. With recipes like these you can give your family their favorite fried chicken recipes without having to go halfway across town looking for a fried chicken restaurant. Home-cooked fried chicken always tastes fresh and wonderful and your friends and family will especially like this recipe. Continue reading