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broccoli and cashew chicken stir fry

Chicken Stir Fry with Red Pepper Broccoli and Cashew Nuts

Ok I know this is not a southern fried chicken in the truest sense of the word unless you count Southeast Asia that is. Now I added this category years ago because my idea is although every house in the south has its own special recipe for southern fried chicken I do not know all of them and I wanted to open the site to new possibilities of other chicken recipes especial different frying techniques. Well that most definitely includes stir-frying, it is a great cooking technique that must be explored.

Now one of the most important frying techniques utilizes a wok and usually a bit of oil to quickly over a highish heat flash fry the ingredients so they are usually quick recipes to make. Unlike southern fried chicken which is usually whole piece of chicken cooked in a batter stir fried recipes can be with or without a batter but the pieces are usually like in this case and in most Asian cooking made into bite sized piece for two reasons it make it easier to cook with everything the same size and smaller so it cooks through quick and also chopsticks, it is necessary to make the food able to be picked up by them.

Now chicken is a very common meat to cook in stir-fries others include beef, pork and even seafood but chicken is one of the most common with or without vegetables add in. It also can have a number of different sauces to go with it from sweet to, sweet and sour, to downright hot and spicy. It all depends on where the recipe is from as some parts of Asian food is very spicy while other areas tend to be sweet or somewhere in between. Now just because I cover nontraditional fried chicken recipes don’t worry I still like to hold true to the core of the site and do add new southern inspired fried chicken recipes as they are a joy of food and no culinary experience would be complete without them. Continue reading