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best southern fried chicken recipe

Best Light Batter Southern Fried Chicken

For the best southern fried chicken recipe, try this one. This is a very simple fried chicken recipe but the resulting crispy golden chicken is wonderful. Make sure you use a pot with a tight fitting lid to keep the heat in. Peanut oil is especially good to use in this recipe because it has a high smoking point and does not impart flavor to the chicken. The paprika gives it a bit of a kick and enhances the golden color of the batter, without making the chicken too hot or spicy.

You might want to double up on some southern fried chicken recipes because it is so good to eat cold the following day but remember that if you overcrowd the pan, the temperature of the oil drops and the chicken might go soggy. If you are doubling up, make two separate batches.

Pan-fried chicken might be the best southern fried chicken recipe, in your opinion, if you prefer pan-frying to deep frying. This method takes longer to cook the chicken than deep frying but less time than oven frying. With pan-frying, you usually cook the chicken in a quarter inch of oil. This southern batter fried chicken is perfect with mashed potatoes and gravy or any other favorite side dishes for fried chicken, like fries, beans, coleslaw or corn on the cob. Continue reading