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beer batter

An Equally Good Beer Batter for Fish or Chicken

Beer is a great ingredient to use when making batter because it comes out so light and crispy! Beer batter and chicken make perfect partners. These deep fried chicken strips are great with sweet and sour sauce, smoky barbecue sauce or ketchup. You could even make some tasty gravy or a homemade dipping sauce, depending on what you and your family prefer.

This deep fried chicken recipe is simple to make and the resulting crispy chicken pieces will definitely become a family favorite. It is better to use Pilsner beer because it does not offer a strong beery taste but it does give freshness to the dish. This recipe is a good beer batter for fish or chicken and you could very easily substitute the chicken for fish if you chose to. There is nothing difficult about making batter. As long as you use the right quantities of the right ingredients and mix it properly, it should be fine. When people make soggy batter it usually means they fried it in oil which was not hot enough.

This beer batter deep fried chicken is a sumptuous combination of the crispiest, crunchiest batter ever and juicy, soft chicken. If you are looking for a good beer batter chicken recipe, this one is almost certainly sure to excite you. Continue reading