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bacon wrapped

Bacon Wrapped Quail with Pumpkin

I had hoped to get to this last week sorry for the delay I had a pressing business issue come up that had to be addressed right off so I am playing catch up in getting my updates out and the expansion of this away from just fried chicken into other areas. One of the things I am doing with this recipes release is starting a new Pinterest Group board just for this site and category the new broader one that is. It will now deserve its own as I hope to expand this site quite a bit over time. So feel free to pin away.

Now my choice to go away from just fried chicken was a long one in coming this is actual one of my oldest sites and one of only two that didn’t get rebranded under the “Amazing” tag when I started to consolidate my old larger network into a set of small core group of broader site. I had originally intended to cover other cooking ideas in a future meat site but I realized that poultry and game are such a broad group on their own so to dilute it any further would not do it justice.

As for this recipe it is not often I do quail as my guy’s kind of look at them as snack food or like big nuggets. But on special date nights with my main guy it is a nice treat for the two of us. This is a nice recipe for a special dinner for two feel free to cut back a bit and only make two if the mood so choices. I personally like this dish with either the pumpkin or the sweet potato although Ken prefers the later. It is a fairly easy recipe on the grill and I like these better on a none charcoal fire as it is easier with the bacon to control temps and don’t put it on direct heat or you are going to have flare up issues and with charcoal that means a mess. So save this for the gas grill. Continue reading