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authentic texas fried chicken

Classic Southern Taste with This Texas Fried Chicken Recipe

Southern fried chicken is arguably the quintessential southern dish. There are plenty of fried chicken recipes, many of which have been passed down through the generations. This classic American recipe is thought to have originated from the traditional fricassee served in many southern homes. Fricassee was popular as far back as in the late eighteenth century. It is a dish of stewed, sautéed meat served with a white gravy. Fricassee is still made today but usually at home, rather than served in restaurants.

This authentic Texas fried chicken recipe is delicious. You can double up on the black pepper and paprika for extra spiciness or double the whole recipe because you can freeze half of it for future use if you like. Poultry seasoning is nice to use for making southern fried chicken recipes and it really livens up this tasty and authentic Texas fried chicken recipe.

You can serve this delicious dish with mashed potatoes or French fries and a vegetable as well. Texas is home to Tex-Mex cuisine so why not add some Mexican flavor with a Spanish rice dish or some salad with a lime dressing? You might also like a cooling side dish with this spicy chicken recipe, so creamy coleslaw would be another winner. Continue reading