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authentic fried chicken recipe

Authentic Fried Chicken Recipe

The ingredients for this authentic fried chicken recipe include onion soup mix, spaghetti sauce mix, paprika and Italian salad dressing mix, so you can tell this is perhaps a more unusual fried chicken recipe than you might be used to making. The cornflakes give this fried chicken a wonderful crunch and the cooking method involves pan frying and baking, to cook the chicken perfectly and to give it a wonderful color and texture.

This authentic fried chicken recipe is easy to make, as long as you are organized and lay the dipping ingredients out so you can dip the chicken pieces in each one in turn – first the dry ingredients then the egg and finally the cornflakes. Don’t crush the cornflakes too finely. They should stick to the chicken pieces of course but they don’t need to be too small. If you have any leftovers they keep well in the refrigerator for up to four days but don’t freeze them. You can keep leftover coating mix (the dry ingredients) in a covered container at room temperature for a couple of months.

Authentic chicken & biscuits, which is sometimes known as authentic chicken & seafood, or simply just “authentic,” is a fried chicken like some fast food chain which has been around since 1990’s. The following recipe is perfect if you want to recreate crunchy and delicious authentic fried chicken at home to delight your family. Serve it with any side dishes you fancy. French fries or mashed potatoes are always good with fried chicken recipes. Continue reading