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aromatic asian fried chicken

Deep Fried Chicken Asian Style

This delicious Asian fried chicken recipe is delicious and if you like Asian chicken recipes, you will definitely love this as an alternative too more traditional fried chicken dishes. The chicken pieces in this fried chicken recipe are marinated for an hour but you can marinate them for two or three hours if you prefer a more intense flavor. Marinating chicken is a great idea. Not only does it infuse the chicken with flavor but it can tenderize it too, which is a double whammy if you like succulent, flavorful chicken which literally melts in the mouth.

This is one of the nicest international recipes for fried chicken and a very good deep fried chicken recipe in general if you like an interesting oriental flavor. You can serve this Asian chicken with French fries, rice, or even mashed potatoes if you prefer. Some sweet chili sauce on the side is a nice touch as well.

This aromatic Asian fried chicken is so good that you will definitely make it more than once. If you are a fan of Asian food, and especially Chinese food, you will really enjoy the way the marinade flavors the chicken. The soy sauce, sugar, ginger and more all work in harmony to flavor this chicken and make it authentically Asian. Continue reading