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Pheasant and Pork Pie

Now this is one with my guys at heart although I list a few vegetable additions as optional ingredients this one really is a meat lovers special at heart and at its core. It is meant to be a very meaty and hardy pie that is for the game bird fan in the crowd that wants to try their hand at another of the many wild bird species that are hunted and raised for food if you are not into hunting there are sources for these just do a search and you will find some sources for them online. Isn’t the internet wonderful so many things that use to be just for a few have opened up to the many?

Now I know these categories will need some filling out it is on my radar to do but I want to get as many possibilities out there first then start adding some depth to the different sub categories like pheasant and other game birds. Many of us have often wondered what many of these things taste like and I hope I am opening new avenues of discover to you in this expansion. This recipe optionally can be made like a more traditional pot pie if you like I list carrots and potatoes if you must but this one does best heavy on the meat side of it.

When making the filling you’re going to want to keep the sauce or gravy on the thicker side of things so it doesn’t get the dough to wet and just make a mess in the baking process. Not too stiff though as some of the liquid will bake off during cooking. This is inspired by the savory pie category on our British recipe site and if you like savory pies perhaps you would like to check out some of the traditional British savory pie recipes we have there find it at Sorry can’t help getting a plug in for one of my new sites it really is a nice start and so many people really miss understand British food it really is wonderful. Ok so back to pheasant if you have never tried it this is a nice place to start. It is a much simpler recipe then it looks like just wanted to make sure I gave you all the parts to the puzzle. Continue reading