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Rosemary Roasted Partridge with Bacon

Partridge are not a widely available bird at most markets but if you have a specialty butcher in your area you may find them or if you have a family member or friend that is a bird hunter you may be able to get them that way. Or you can check this site I have not personally used them but they have all kinds of exotic meats available for sale. Partridge are fairly small so the cooking time is fairly short compared to say chicken or turkey and this is not a meal you’re going to make for a family dinner it really is more for say an anniversary or Valentine’s day, something along those lines.

Now in case you missed it I even managed to work crispy bacon into this recipe wonder how that ended up happening. Me bacon, I don’t know I was walking by and some pig candy fell into the plate. Ok all joking aside it makes everything better right? Now you could season this in a few ways but I find this combination of herbs and seasoning is perfect for roasting most poultry and it really brings out the natural beauty of the meat and gives it a nice tasty crispy skin that is let’s face it the best part of any roasted bird in my opinion, oh there is meat too.

Now if you like you could stuff these it will increase the cooking time a bit if you opt to do this cook it covered about an extra ten minutes and the following would be a good stuffing to use. Take half a granny smith apple and dice it (remove the core) and to this use a little of your favorite broth to moisten it some marbled rye bread crumbs and a few dried cranberries and loosely stuff the bird and then roast as suggest earlier. You can also add a tablespoon or so of minced garlic to the stuffing this will help impart that garlic flavor inside and out. Continue reading