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Braised Goose Breast with Spicy Honey Orange Cointreau Sauce

Now this is one of those categories that could have gone two ways. I could have made it a main category as many will be using domestic raised goose as where others will be using Canadian goose or some other wild species they hunted. As I have had numerous friends that hunt goose most of my experience is going to be with the wild kind and therefore my adding this to the wild game bird main category as a sub category made sense to me. If you are not a hunter or know someone who does no problem like with any of the wild birds they are available as domestically grown and raised so feel free to use what source works best for you. Obviously hunted game will be cheaper but result wise similar in delivery. If using hunted geese wait until they get in the corn fields after harvest time is when the meat will taste best.

Now I wanted my orange sauce to have a bit more of a spicy kind of feel to it and be a nice sweet and spicy contrast kind of dish probably my favorite savory food profile is wonderful sweetness balanced out with some sour or heat to it to tone down the richness of the sauce. I am a fan of sweet but too much is not good and in fact will tire the palette out if you get nothing but sweet so give it some heat or acid to contrast with the sweetness will make it much more enjoyable in the overall meal.

Although the new categories are thin the structure of it is beginning to take shape nicely and you will begin to get a feel of where I am going with this expansion. This is unique for me usually I build sites out before launching but considering this is a longtime site in my network it is a live metamorphic transformation into its new self. So it will be fun for both of us to see how it plays out and how the expansion goes. Of course if you have ideas or someplace you would like me to focus on first in filling it out feel free to drop me a comment below as to what you would like to see I am willing to listen to any constructive advice or criticism. I want the site to be as useful to you as possible on the journey from where we are to wherever we end up. This is a work in progress and a living transformation so it can be fun for both of us to see how it gets to wherever we take it. Continue reading