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Roasted Mallard Duck Breast

If you have a hard time finding Mallard duck in your area or are not a hunter that is ok feel free to switch it for the kind available in your area the recipe works pretty universally for any kind of duck just Mallard are very prevalent in my area and I have a few friends that hunt so that is what I based my recipe on. If possible wild duck will be a better choice than farm raised but if you haven’t that option open to you use domesticated duck it is still worth the adventure of trying something a bit different than the more common chicken.

Now one of the nicer things about duck say compared to goose is although both have more fat content than say chicken or turkey breast duck is leaner then goose and is a bit healthier for you not that it is the best choice of meats from a health perspective but I am not proposing you make this an every other day thing so like most things in life once in a while is fine for most of us. Now this will go better with a fruit salsa or chutney then say a tomato based one in my opinion so try and think of that and most diffidently a fresh salsa not the jarred kind.

As for what to serve with this it goes with many things rather well frankly I am of the mind that either a rice pilaf or wild rice is best but that is kind of personal. Also a nice vegetable combo with rice and duck would be something like broccoli would lend well or you could go a bit more upscale and serve it with say asparagus or artichoke would also work nice. If you have any left over it is lovely in a salad with some dried fruit and some sunflower seeds and such, maybe some pecans and say a stronger cheese like feta or gorgonzola would also be nice and nice light fruity vinaigrette to finish it off. Continue reading