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Wild Game Recipes

Braised Goose Breast with Spicy Honey Orange Cointreau Sauce

Now this is one of those categories that could have gone two ways. I could have made it a main category as many will be using domestic raised goose as where others will be using Canadian goose or some other wild species they hunted. As I have had numerous friends that hunt goose most of my experience is going to be with the wild kind and therefore my adding this to the wild game bird main category as a sub category made sense to me. If you are not a hunter or know someone who does no problem like with any of the wild birds they are available as domestically grown and raised so feel free to use what source works best for you. Obviously hunted game will be cheaper but result wise similar in delivery. If using hunted geese wait until they get in the corn fields after harvest time is when the meat will taste best.

Now I wanted my orange sauce to have a bit more of a spicy kind of feel to it and be a nice sweet and spicy contrast kind of dish probably my favorite savory food profile is wonderful sweetness balanced out with some sour or heat to it to tone down the richness of the sauce. I am a fan of sweet but too much is not good and in fact will tire the palette out if you get nothing but sweet so give it some heat or acid to contrast with the sweetness will make it much more enjoyable in the overall meal.

Although the new categories are thin the structure of it is beginning to take shape nicely and you will begin to get a feel of where I am going with this expansion. This is unique for me usually I build sites out before launching but considering this is a longtime site in my network it is a live metamorphic transformation into its new self. So it will be fun for both of us to see how it plays out and how the expansion goes. Of course if you have ideas or someplace you would like me to focus on first in filling it out feel free to drop me a comment below as to what you would like to see I am willing to listen to any constructive advice or criticism. I want the site to be as useful to you as possible on the journey from where we are to wherever we end up. This is a work in progress and a living transformation so it can be fun for both of us to see how it gets to wherever we take it. Continue reading

Pheasant and Pork Pie

Now this is one with my guys at heart although I list a few vegetable additions as optional ingredients this one really is a meat lovers special at heart and at its core. It is meant to be a very meaty and hardy pie that is for the game bird fan in the crowd that wants to try their hand at another of the many wild bird species that are hunted and raised for food if you are not into hunting there are sources for these just do a search and you will find some sources for them online. Isn’t the internet wonderful so many things that use to be just for a few have opened up to the many?

Now I know these categories will need some filling out it is on my radar to do but I want to get as many possibilities out there first then start adding some depth to the different sub categories like pheasant and other game birds. Many of us have often wondered what many of these things taste like and I hope I am opening new avenues of discover to you in this expansion. This recipe optionally can be made like a more traditional pot pie if you like I list carrots and potatoes if you must but this one does best heavy on the meat side of it.

When making the filling you’re going to want to keep the sauce or gravy on the thicker side of things so it doesn’t get the dough to wet and just make a mess in the baking process. Not too stiff though as some of the liquid will bake off during cooking. This is inspired by the savory pie category on our British recipe site and if you like savory pies perhaps you would like to check out some of the traditional British savory pie recipes we have there find it at Sorry can’t help getting a plug in for one of my new sites it really is a nice start and so many people really miss understand British food it really is wonderful. Ok so back to pheasant if you have never tried it this is a nice place to start. It is a much simpler recipe then it looks like just wanted to make sure I gave you all the parts to the puzzle. Continue reading

Rosemary Roasted Partridge with Bacon

Partridge are not a widely available bird at most markets but if you have a specialty butcher in your area you may find them or if you have a family member or friend that is a bird hunter you may be able to get them that way. Or you can check this site I have not personally used them but they have all kinds of exotic meats available for sale. Partridge are fairly small so the cooking time is fairly short compared to say chicken or turkey and this is not a meal you’re going to make for a family dinner it really is more for say an anniversary or Valentine’s day, something along those lines.

Now in case you missed it I even managed to work crispy bacon into this recipe wonder how that ended up happening. Me bacon, I don’t know I was walking by and some pig candy fell into the plate. Ok all joking aside it makes everything better right? Now you could season this in a few ways but I find this combination of herbs and seasoning is perfect for roasting most poultry and it really brings out the natural beauty of the meat and gives it a nice tasty crispy skin that is let’s face it the best part of any roasted bird in my opinion, oh there is meat too.

Now if you like you could stuff these it will increase the cooking time a bit if you opt to do this cook it covered about an extra ten minutes and the following would be a good stuffing to use. Take half a granny smith apple and dice it (remove the core) and to this use a little of your favorite broth to moisten it some marbled rye bread crumbs and a few dried cranberries and loosely stuff the bird and then roast as suggest earlier. You can also add a tablespoon or so of minced garlic to the stuffing this will help impart that garlic flavor inside and out. Continue reading

Roasted Mallard Duck Breast

If you have a hard time finding Mallard duck in your area or are not a hunter that is ok feel free to switch it for the kind available in your area the recipe works pretty universally for any kind of duck just Mallard are very prevalent in my area and I have a few friends that hunt so that is what I based my recipe on. If possible wild duck will be a better choice than farm raised but if you haven’t that option open to you use domesticated duck it is still worth the adventure of trying something a bit different than the more common chicken.

Now one of the nicer things about duck say compared to goose is although both have more fat content than say chicken or turkey breast duck is leaner then goose and is a bit healthier for you not that it is the best choice of meats from a health perspective but I am not proposing you make this an every other day thing so like most things in life once in a while is fine for most of us. Now this will go better with a fruit salsa or chutney then say a tomato based one in my opinion so try and think of that and most diffidently a fresh salsa not the jarred kind.

As for what to serve with this it goes with many things rather well frankly I am of the mind that either a rice pilaf or wild rice is best but that is kind of personal. Also a nice vegetable combo with rice and duck would be something like broccoli would lend well or you could go a bit more upscale and serve it with say asparagus or artichoke would also work nice. If you have any left over it is lovely in a salad with some dried fruit and some sunflower seeds and such, maybe some pecans and say a stronger cheese like feta or gorgonzola would also be nice and nice light fruity vinaigrette to finish it off. Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Quail with Pumpkin

I had hoped to get to this last week sorry for the delay I had a pressing business issue come up that had to be addressed right off so I am playing catch up in getting my updates out and the expansion of this away from just fried chicken into other areas. One of the things I am doing with this recipes release is starting a new Pinterest Group board just for this site and category the new broader one that is. It will now deserve its own as I hope to expand this site quite a bit over time. So feel free to pin away.

Now my choice to go away from just fried chicken was a long one in coming this is actual one of my oldest sites and one of only two that didn’t get rebranded under the “Amazing” tag when I started to consolidate my old larger network into a set of small core group of broader site. I had originally intended to cover other cooking ideas in a future meat site but I realized that poultry and game are such a broad group on their own so to dilute it any further would not do it justice.

As for this recipe it is not often I do quail as my guy’s kind of look at them as snack food or like big nuggets. But on special date nights with my main guy it is a nice treat for the two of us. This is a nice recipe for a special dinner for two feel free to cut back a bit and only make two if the mood so choices. I personally like this dish with either the pumpkin or the sweet potato although Ken prefers the later. It is a fairly easy recipe on the grill and I like these better on a none charcoal fire as it is easier with the bacon to control temps and don’t put it on direct heat or you are going to have flare up issues and with charcoal that means a mess. So save this for the gas grill. Continue reading