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Turkey Recipes

Turkey Meatballs in Pineapple Curry

Well it has only been a short time since I decide with the help of my staff to branch out of our fried chicken roots. I am mainly adding recipes in new areas that will later get expanded into major areas of growth in content. The choice was simple really the site needed to grow and to grow we really need to get away from just southern fried chicken although there are many home recipes for this many are closely guarded family secrets and that is not an easy area to build a site on. See one of the reason WordPress works well as a site management tool is it is easy to build new content. The down side is it needs to be growing to fully realize the power from a website owners point.

Now I have already added a few new recipes and like I said I am adding them in different categories to build the navigation base for the site. I could focus on one category at a time as I am doing with my Mexican food site but that is a very broad site to begin with and has a lot more content in general so one at a time works there as where her it is very narrow and in order to establish the new categories I felt it was better to mix up the new content and do little bits here and there.

Now no site covering poultry would be complete without turkey I mean it is a huge category and a major player in the food arena. So it got me thinking what would be an interesting way of preparing turkey that you may not come across every day. I mean you want new and different recipes or you wouldn’t be here in the first place. Well one of the things me and the staff love is Thai food fact my head writer is a major fan of it so it got me thinking Thai. Well what could I do with a Thai theme and still fill the need for the use of turkey so it got me thinking meatballs in a curry sauce and that just screamed pineapple curry to me and so we ended up here. Now a note on the peppers if in doubt cut back a bit and try it then you can always add more so if on are unfamiliar with these lovely little gems error on the side of caution. Continue reading