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Homemade Cornbread Stuffing with Bacon

I don’t know why it took me so long to think of adding stuffing recipes to the site but for some reason it dawned on me the other day while thinking of new areas to go into on the site’s new path. What is more synonymous with chicken and bird recipes than stuffing? I mean what would thanksgiving be without the dressing to go with the bird it would be like losing an arm in a culinary sense of the word. I cannot think of a whole roasted bird that isn’t elevated by the addition of a good stuffing recipe.

Well considering the name is still Southern Fried Chicken what stuffing recipe says southern cuisine like cornbread? I mean it is almost as famous in the south as grits. Also if you happened to notice I even managed to sneak a little bacon into the recipe wonder how that managed to happen no one I know likes pig candy here do they? Well in this case I think you’ll agree my twist on this southern classic accompaniment is a plus. I also list a couple optional ingredients in the way of cranberries and pecans now the cranberries is my New England girl heritage sneaking into the recipe as where the pecans are all southerner.

Now these two additional ingredients are merely a personal preference use one, use both, or omit it altogether, it is what you like that counts. They all go well together or without there is enough going on to make it work wonderfully too. Now I give directions to cook it in a baking pan you can easily stuff it in the bird and it will gain the flavor of the cooking juices if so make it a bit drier or it might end up to wet after roasting. This recipe may even become your go to turkey day dressing of choice it is truly that good but don’t wait for the holiday to try it, it really is good for any time of year. Continue reading