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Oven Fried Chicken

Oven Fried Chicken Leg Quarters with Herbs and Spices

Now I know the purest out there are going to tell me this isn’t real fried chicken and they’re right not in the truest sense of the term. What it is though is a cooking method that is a healthier way of preparing chicken and having the feel of fried chicken without having to lie to you cardiologist. Don’t get me wrong I love fried chicken or I wouldn’t do a whole site dedicated to it but there are other methods of frying thus the international category and although in my opinion southern fried chicken is the top of the pyramid that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the other levels of the fried chicken pyramid and enjoy chicken more often without having to need an ER each time.

If you are only doing it once in a while by all means try one of my traditional southern fried chicken recipes, but if you eat chicken a few times a week like my family then you are going to want to mix it up for two reasons. One it is healthier enough said there and two it breaks up the heaviness of batter fried chicken and offers a lighter dinning experience than regular fried chicken would be too heavy to eat to many nights a week. I also like doing stir-fries to mix it up and although not traditional southern cooking method either I don’t think anyone can argue that a good stir-fry is a way of enjoying more chicken with more verity.

See my family eats loads of chicken as it is the easiest way to stretch the food budget with a house full of carnivorous guys and still keep meat the focal point of each meal. But chicken can get boring if made the same way each time so I mix it up with a nice fried chicken one night an oven baked one another and then follow it up with a nice stir-fried chicken or a stove top cooking method. This keeps chicken the main meal three nights but different each time so no food repeat boredom in the mix which is very important to keep meals varying it makes everyone happier. And as a working mom I know I am giving them a healthier alternative to other meats, saving on the budget, and offering a verity of different options regularly so we are all happier.

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Sour Dough Breaded Oven-Fried Chicken

My mom turned my son onto sour dough over the last summer and since then gotten us some starter that has supposedly been going since the 1750’s and let me tell you I am not sure I fully believe the date claim but the starter just makes the most wonderful sour dough bread I have ever had. My son usually makes a loaf five times a week and it makes the house smell heavenly to wake to the smell of fresh baked bread.

He also started saving a bit from each loaf and processing it into breadcrumbs see we ran out one day and it was a chicken night so he put it in the food processor and made it into crumbs and used it to make our favorite oven-fried chicken. Ever since it has been a mandatory he tries to keep a piece from my track star and save it from his eat everything in the house patrol and he turns it into breadcrumbs to use on dinner. Well I can’t begin to tell you just how well this went over even my oldest twin eats it and he hates chicken.

Now this could also be used for any breadcrumb recipe as it is truly a much more flavorful breading then standard crumbs which lack any real personality. Now the nice thing is it is an easy process and most local markets make sour dough in their bakery so if you don’t have your own bread baker and sour dough starter that is ok store bought bread will work. If you want finer crumbs I suggest letting the bread go stale and hard before processing it but if you are not that patient you can grind fresh bread then put then crumbs on the same baking sheet and place it in a 200 degree F oven to dry it more rapidly. Continue reading

Oven-Fried Chicken with a Crispy Cornflake Crust

This recipe is a real winner and the whole family will love it. The chicken is coated in a flour, egg, milk and seasoning mixture, then in the cornflakes. It is drizzled with butter and then baked in the oven, and it will come out perfectly crunchy and delicious. This is a recipe you will definitely want to print out or bookmark, because the results are great.

Why Cornflakes Make a Great Coating

Cornflakes are naturally crispy, and whether you crush them up or use them whole, they make a wonderful coating for your chicken. They look great on the finished chicken and their flavor suits the taste of the meat. Because of this corn flavor you will probably not want to serve corn on the cob or cornbread with the finished dish, because that would be corn overkill! Fortunately there are plenty of other delicious side dishes for fried chicken, such as coleslaw, fries, green salad, or anything else you are in the mood for.

Some people recommend brining the chicken for 4 hours in 4 cups of water with a handful of kosher salt and a handful of white sugar added. This is optional but it does improve the texture and make the chicken extra-moist. The paprika and garlic in our recipe are optional ingredients so, if you do not have them, just leave them out, and the recipe will still turn out really well. Throw some cayenne pepper in there too if you want to spice the dish up a little. Continue reading

Mashed Potato Flake Oven-Fried Chicken

This unusual recipe uses seasoned potato flakes to add a crisp coating to chicken pieces, and the result is very tasty. The chicken will come out of the oven crispy and golden brown, just like fried chicken but with fewer calories and less fat. Cleanup is quick and easy, and this is a dish the whole family is going to love and request again and again. You can take the skin off the chicken before coating if you want, or else leave it on.

Why Use Mashed Potato Flakes

Potato is a popular side dish for fried chicken, whether it is served as mashed potatoes, fries or even potato salad, but if you want to combine the flavor of potato with the flavor of chicken and have different side dishes, this is the recipe to choose, because you will have that wonderful potato taste in every bite of the chicken, along with a golden brown coating that has crisped up beautifully. Skinless chicken pieces are good to use in this recipe, and you might wish to serve some biscuits and buttered peas on the side, or even some homemade coleslaw, to round out the meal.

To coat the chicken with no mess, you can put the potato flake mixture in a Ziploc bag, then add the egg-coated chicken in there, pressing the potato flake mixture on with your fingers through the plastic. If you want to use the deep-frying you will also get a good result but, to be honest, the oven-frying technique works so well with this particular recipe you might as well just cook it in there and have a healthier result. The choice is yours of course. Continue reading

Panko Pistachio-Crusted Fried Chicken

This is a delicious recipe, and the fried chicken is absolutely bursting with flavor. We recommend boneless skinless chicken breast halves for this recipe, but if you prefer drumsticks or thighs instead, or mixed chicken pieces, those are also fine. You might need to adjust the cooking time a little. The juices will run clear when the chicken is done.

Wonderful Flavors in the Coating

There are some bold-tasting ingredients in this recipe, such as the Dijon mustard and pistachios, each of which offers a strong and distinctive flavor, and then you also have the aromatic, fragrant taste of the herbs. In combination with the crunchy panko breadcrumbs, this all goes together beautifully to make the most delicious batter for your chicken. The coated chicken is first cooked in a pan on the stove and then finished off in the oven. If you want to deep-fry it instead, that is fine. Either cooking method works well, so it just depends on what you happen to prefer. Perhaps you are looking for a brand new way of making fried chicken, in which case you should consider this amazing recipe.

Serve the finished pistachio fried chicken with a creamy sauce. Perhaps you have a favorite dressing or sauce already, or else you can combine lemon juice and parmesan with mayonnaise and mustard, adding small quantities until the flavor is just right, and serve it on the side. Add some flavorful side dishes such as green salad or steamed vegetables, some fries or mashed potatoes, or perhaps some cornbread and coleslaw. This makes a heavenly meal. Continue reading