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Slow Cooker Butter Chicken Curry Served with Basmati Rice

Ok over the next several days you may notice a bit of strange navigation things taking place here, why? Well good question I have decided to implement two very big changes here one is more navigational and structural which should all through the beauty of WordPress permalinks correct itself. I have decided to start a test here as it is the smallest of my sites, therefore the easiest to test it on that a friend of mine recently did and that is move all my articles off of pages and into the post section to you the biggest change will be every article will now have a picture. Plus a feature picture so it is more informative and appealing hopefully.

The other will be phased in over time starting with this post. I have decided to expand Southern Fried Chicken to include all two legged creatures (not frogs and toads). What? Yes in our expansion it dawns on me the site had a limited amount of room to grow and in today’s world of recipe sites growth is important if you want to attract new visitors, which what webmaster doesn’t. New visitors means new revenues (yes I do have to pay hosting “very good hosting at that”) and feed four kids and a disabled husband so yes I do think of revenue sorry, I need to live too.

I mean it is nice to have the international fried chicken category but even with wok in hand how many ways can you fry a chicken before it just gets repetitive. So I introduce my first non-fried chicken recipe below is my take on a famous Indian dish done in the crockpot not the fryer. I will over time also start including recipes for things like turkey and wild game birds if it sort of walked on two legs it is fair game from here on out. Continue reading

Quick Shredded Chicken Recipes

What Makes Quick Shredded Chicken Recipes so Wonderfully Unique

Chicken is one of the best ingredients that you can cook with, thanks in large part to its versatility. Whether you are adding it into a white sauce or serving it over pasta, chicken can be used in nearly any creation. Shredded chicken is actually one of the best ways to prepare chicken, and you will find that the many shredded chicken recipes are as delicious as they are unique.

The thing that makes shredded chicken recipes so unique is the fact that you actually get more volume for the amount of chicken that you use. If you serve a chicken steak on its own, you are only going to get a limited amount of meat per serving. However, when using shredded chicken, you are able to get far more volume of food than you would get if you simply served up a chicken steak on its own.

This is due to the fact that you can easily add a number of ingredients to your shredded chicken recipe. Look at Mexican chicken fajitas that combine sliced onions and bell peppers with shredded chicken to make a delicious recipe. That is an excellent example of why shredded chicken recipes are so wonderfully unique, and you will find that you can make a wide variety of delicious shredded recipes in a matter of minutes. Continue reading