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Deep Fried Chicken

Pecan-Crusted Fried Chicken

The meaty parts of the bird are great for making this recipe, so get yourself some thighs, drumsticks and/or breast meat and you can go ahead and make this fantastic pecan-crusted chicken. The buttermilk coating gets it really moist and tasty, but you can use regular eggs or milk instead of the buttermilk if that is what you have.

Making the Perfect Batter

While the chicken is being brined, soaking up the sweet, salty buttermilk to become moist and delicious, you can prepare the ingredients for the batter. You will need more buttermilk for that, along with a flour and ground pecan mixture. If you only have whole pecans, simply pop them in a blender or food processor to pulverize them and get the consistency right. If the pieces are too big they will not stick to the chicken properly. The chicken is then coated in the batter and then it is ready to cook, so get your oil nice and hot, even in a deep-fryer or pot on the stove.

If you are making a lot, you can keep a batch of fried chicken warm in a 300 degrees F oven while frying the remainder. This is handy to know if you are making enough fried chicken for a crowd because this recipe is so easy to double or triple. Now this might look like ordinary fried chicken but as soon as it is cool enough for you to bite into you will be able to taste the pecan flavor in the batter, and that is really special! Make this recipe and you will absolutely not regret it. Continue reading

Deep Fried Chicken Drumsticks

All the parts of a chicken can be deep-fried, so whether you favor breasts, thighs, drumsticks or a mixed selection of chicken pieces, there is a deep-fried chicken recipe for you. The following recipe is made using drumsticks. The chicken is boiled to begin with, and the main reason for that is to cook the chicken through. When deep-frying chicken, you do not always use very thick pieces, so it makes sense to cook them through before the frying stage. Then you can focus on getting the chicken pieces really crispy.

When the coating is perfectly crispy and golden brown, there is no need to leave the chicken in the oil so the meat can cook through because it is already cooked through. Let the chicken cool for about 10 minutes before serving it. Do not worry that it will get cold because it will not. The chicken is extremely hot when it comes out of the oil, so just let it cool off for 10 minutes and you can serve it warm with your favorite side dishes.

Contrasting the chicken with the sides is always nice so perhaps make a potato salad or coleslaw recipe (remember, homemade is best!) and serve that with the chicken. This recipe features cayenne and paprika and those are great spices to use for fried chicken because they add a touch of spice. If you wish to increase the amount then go ahead. Continue reading

Real Southern Style Deep Fried Chicken

This deep fried chicken recipe is really good and the cayenne pepper gives it a lively kick. The mustard seeds add even more of a kick but you can omit those if you want to. Deep fried chicken is a classic dish and a great comfort food as well. This recipe is very easy to follow and if you are a fan of fried chicken recipes you are sure to like it.

You can deep fry chicken in a few minutes but this fried chicken recipe calls for the chicken to marinate in milk. Technically this is an optional step but it makes the chicken very tender so it is worth doing. It just means you need to plan your dinner a bit in advance. Deep fried chicken recipes are wonderful served with ketchup or mayonnaise for dipping or even a tasty homemade gravy recipe.

Fried chicken is one of the nation’s favorite dishes and there is little wonder. Succulent juicy chicken in a crispy batter just can’t be beaten for taste, texture and the satisfaction you get from enjoying it. Homemade fried chicken is economical to make and there are lots of recipes to choose from and various cooking methods, including deep frying, pan frying and oven frying. You can make fried chicken recipes as spicy or as plain as you like. Continue reading

Tasty Deep Fried Buffalo Fried Chicken Strips

These tasty buffalo fried chicken strips go very nicely with corn and French fries on the side. If you want to make a quick yet tasty dinner, you can make these fried chicken strips in minutes. With this chicken strips recipe, the chicken is coated in three different mixtures and then deep fried. The cornflakes especially add to the flavorful crispiness and the cayenne spices them up a bit.

Chicken strips make a change from fried chicken wings, legs or breast and you can use whichever dressing or sauce you like for dipping. These tasty buffalo style fried chicken strips are crispy on the outside and tender in the middle. You can also serve them as part of a buffet or even as appetizers with some kind of tasty dip on the side.

If you are a fried chicken recipe fan, what about making something a little more unusual than plain fried chicken? This buffalo fried chicken strips recipe is very simple and your whole family is guaranteed to love it. With recipes like these you can give your family their favorite fried chicken recipes without having to go halfway across town looking for a fried chicken restaurant. Home-cooked fried chicken always tastes fresh and wonderful and your friends and family will especially like this recipe. Continue reading

An Equally Good Beer Batter for Fish or Chicken

Beer is a great ingredient to use when making batter because it comes out so light and crispy! Beer batter and chicken make perfect partners. These deep fried chicken strips are great with sweet and sour sauce, smoky barbecue sauce or ketchup. You could even make some tasty gravy or a homemade dipping sauce, depending on what you and your family prefer.

This deep fried chicken recipe is simple to make and the resulting crispy chicken pieces will definitely become a family favorite. It is better to use Pilsner beer because it does not offer a strong beery taste but it does give freshness to the dish. This recipe is a good beer batter for fish or chicken and you could very easily substitute the chicken for fish if you chose to. There is nothing difficult about making batter. As long as you use the right quantities of the right ingredients and mix it properly, it should be fine. When people make soggy batter it usually means they fried it in oil which was not hot enough.

This beer batter deep fried chicken is a sumptuous combination of the crispiest, crunchiest batter ever and juicy, soft chicken. If you are looking for a good beer batter chicken recipe, this one is almost certainly sure to excite you. Continue reading