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How to Cook Like a Southern Chef

Southern cooking is all about having passion for food and allowing that passion to show. Chicken is one of the staples in Southern cuisine and everyone loves the amazing flavor and texture of fried chicken, so why not learn some new southern side dishes, discover how to make butterfly wings, or learn how to incorporate buttermilk, if you want your food to have an authentic southern flavor?

Traditional Southern Side Dishes

If you are making the fried chicken for your family tonight, perhaps you would also like to rustle up some authentic southern side dishes to go with it. This dish doesn’t have to be served with southern style side dishes but a traditional southern meal can be fun, as well as very flavorful.

What about making a black eyed peas side dish recipe? Combining celery, garlic, bacon and onion with black eyed peas and broth results in a really delicious side dish which takes about forty minutes to simmer to perfection. Black eyed peas are a favorite in the southern states and they are healthy too. Continue reading

3 Unique Ideas for Chicken

Japanese food is all about elegance, aroma and style. The most delicate sushi, the most aromatic soups and the most delicious Japanese style chicken recipes are just some of what Japanese cuisine is really all about. Japanese recipes often feature fish and chicken and there are many ways to cook these. Deep fried chicken is popular in Japan, as it is in many other countries, but how would a Japanese cook prepare their chicken? Lemon, ginger, wasabi, sake, sesame oil and soy sauce are among the most popular Japanese flavorings for food.

Not all Japanese recipes are fried either they have plenty of other styles of cooking and modern Japanese cooking has changed along with the introduction of western style appliances in some Japanese homes. There is still plenty of traditional cooking methods we can employee in our chicken recipes but don’t discount new methods of preparing food either.

Don’t forget, if you are serving Japanese appetizers or Japanese chicken recipes and you want to do it in an authentic way, the food has to look good and be prepared so it can be eaten with the use of chopsticks so your meats need to be in bite size form. Serve some fresh herbs or thinly sliced lemon as garnish and use attractive crockery. People eat with their eyes before your Japanese chicken recipes even touch their tongue, so make sure your food looks appealing and everyone will want to sample some. You can serve Japanese chicken recipes with rice or noodles to keep in with the Japanese theme or with mashed potatoes or French fries to create a fusion dish. Continue reading

Tips for the Best Fried Chicken Recipes

For optimal flavor and texture, you should leave the skin on chicken when you fry it, no matter what type of marinade you use or what kind of cooking you prefer. Oven fried, pan fried and deep fried chicken is tastier when it is cooked with the skin on. People can take it off when they eat the chicken, if they want to, but there is so much flavor in there that it is a shame to remove it. When you are frying chicken in oil it is important to use only dry utensils because water splatters on contact with oil and this is how accidents happen, so take care!

Perhaps you are wondering whether to use oil, shortening or lard to make recipes like aromatic Asian fried chicken or traditional southern fried chicken. Actually it is totally up to you. Canola oil is an especially good fat to choose when frying chicken because it is mild in flavor. It also contains a balanced ratio of polyunsaturated and saturated fats. Some oils are much higher in saturated fats which aren’t so good for you. If you are pan frying your chicken, cover it for the first five minutes, then take off the lid to finish it. This is to help it cook thoroughly. Chicken is dangerous if it is undercooked and anything less than opaque chicken all the way through isn’t safe.

When you are turning the chicken in the pan, you should use a spatula or a pair of tongs. Using a fork pierces the chicken and lets juices escape, which dries it out a bit. As soon as chicken pieces finish cooking, take them out of the hot oil. You can put them on a paper towel-covered baking sheet and keep them in a warm oven until all the chicken is done, if you are making a lot at once. Don’t cover cooked chicken or it will lose its crispiness. Continue reading

What Defines Southern Fried Chicken?

There are lots of different recipes for southern fried chicken and, in fact, lots of fried chicken recipes in general. There is pan fried chicken, deep fried chicken and even oven fried chicken. There is the kind of chicken you get from fast food restaurants like KFC and there is home-cooked fried chicken.

So what is the difference between classic southern fried chicken and all the other fried chicken recipes out there? Actually, if you want the true definition of classic southern fried chicken, it is poultry which is coated in a batter or breadcrumb mixture and deep fried.

This southern style of cooking chicken always gives incredibly good results, no matter whether you are new to frying chicken or a professional, seasoned chef. This is such an easy dish to master and there are a lot of side dishes that go beautifully with it. Continue reading

Kitchen Equipment for Making Fried Chicken Recipes

You can make delicious fried chicken recipes such as Church potluck dinner fried chicken with the bare minimum of equipment but, if fried chicken is going to become a staple in your house, you might want to invest in some tools of the trade to make it more enjoyable and simpler to prepare.

First of all, you will need a skillet for making the recipe. A minimum twelve inch diameter is a good rule, since chicken should not be crowded in the pan. It is all right if the chicken pieces are touching while they cook though. Cast iron skillets are heavy and conduct well but stainless steel can be used instead if that is what you have.

A big mixing bowl is handy for combining your batter or breadcrumb mixture. You might like to roll the chicken in the flour coating in a mixing bowl or a shallow glass bowl. Some people prefer to use paper bags so you can get some of those. If you want to marinate your chicken in buttermilk overnight, some large Ziploc bags are handy because you can put the buttermilk in there, add the chicken and massage it through the plastic, to make sure every part of the chicken is covered. Continue reading