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Site Update Announcement on Our Progress

Quick site update announcement I have moved all the articles over and they are now accessible through the category navigation and all have had a featured picture assigned and some have had updated content add to them. Also I have gone through and identified any recipes needing my senior writer – editor to double check so there are about 12 recipes I deemed needed a bit of rework so this will be done either late today or tomorrow as part of an overall site quality enhancement and we have loads of new recipes in the plans to expand into new areas as I announced the other day. We have made increasing the scope of this site a major initiative for our network and will be targeting it over the near term. Continue reading

9 1/2 Fried Chicken Batter Ideas to Please Anyone

Forget the soggy fried chicken you grab from the late-night takeout and make your own for an improved flavor, ultimate texture and customized batter or coating. Whether you are into drumsticks, wings, breast, or mixed chicken pieces, you cannot go wrong when you choose to make your own chicken batter recipes. You can even make oven-fried chicken to get the same deep-fried flavor and crunch but without those extra calories, and the recipes are really easy to make!Chicken is an economical meat and you probably already have all those batter-making ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator. Served with creamy homemade coleslaw and perhaps some onion rings or mashed potatoes on the side, fried chicken is one of those meals no one ever seems to get tired of. Just the aroma of the chicken cooking in the fryer or oven means everyone gravitates toward the kitchen, knowing something delicious is going to be on the table soon.

Perhaps you are only familiar with one type of fried chicken coating, or maybe you have tried a few. But apart from the usual suspects, have you ever tried coating your chicken with pecans, mashed potato flakes or even Italian breadcrumbs? You can vary your chicken batter to keep things fresh. Perhaps you are in the mood for something crispy and crunchy, or maybe you want to use buttermilk or breadcrumbs on your chicken pieces. Either way, all of these recipes are surprisingly simple to prepare, and the chicken does not take long to fry to crispy perfection either.

If you are on the lookout for new chicken batter ideas, keep reading and see which ones you have already tried and which batter ideas catch your eye. We have plenty of recipes for you here, showing you how to add new flavors and textures to your chicken, so you can make an incredible meal for the whole family to tuck into. Many people like to enjoy fried chicken regularly, either oven-fried chicken or the regular deep-fried kind, but we have plenty of recipes and suggestions to ensure you will not run out of ideas. We recommend you use chicken thighs and drumsticks for the very best results. Continue reading

Using Buttermilk to Make Fried Chicken Recipes

Buttermilk was traditionally made by churning butter. It was the milky byproduct left over from doing that. Today it is made from skim milk, live cultures, lactose, water and a tiny bit of butterfat.

Marinating chicken pieces in buttermilk overnight or for several hours before making your favorite fried chicken recipe is strictly optional but many people would say it is well worth doing. Buttermilk not only gives your chicken a fantastic flavor but it also helps to tenderize the meat and make it soft and delicious.

If you are looking for a real southern fried chicken experience, soak your chicken in buttermilk before you fry it and you will be able to tell the difference. Once you have tried this approach to making the best deep fried chicken recipes you will want to use buttermilk every time. Continue reading

How to Cook Like a Southern Chef

Southern cooking is all about having passion for food and allowing that passion to show. Chicken is one of the staples in Southern cuisine and everyone loves the amazing flavor and texture of fried chicken, so why not learn some new southern side dishes, discover how to make butterfly wings, or learn how to incorporate buttermilk, if you want your food to have an authentic southern flavor?

Traditional Southern Side Dishes

If you are making the fried chicken for your family tonight, perhaps you would also like to rustle up some authentic southern side dishes to go with it. This dish doesn’t have to be served with southern style side dishes but a traditional southern meal can be fun, as well as very flavorful.

What about making a black eyed peas side dish recipe? Combining celery, garlic, bacon and onion with black eyed peas and broth results in a really delicious side dish which takes about forty minutes to simmer to perfection. Black eyed peas are a favorite in the southern states and they are healthy too. Continue reading

3 Unique Ideas for Chicken

Japanese food is all about elegance, aroma and style. The most delicate sushi, the most aromatic soups and the most delicious Japanese style chicken recipes are just some of what Japanese cuisine is really all about. Japanese recipes often feature fish and chicken and there are many ways to cook these. Deep fried chicken is popular in Japan, as it is in many other countries, but how would a Japanese cook prepare their chicken? Lemon, ginger, wasabi, sake, sesame oil and soy sauce are among the most popular Japanese flavorings for food.

Not all Japanese recipes are fried either they have plenty of other styles of cooking and modern Japanese cooking has changed along with the introduction of western style appliances in some Japanese homes. There is still plenty of traditional cooking methods we can employee in our chicken recipes but don’t discount new methods of preparing food either.

Don’t forget, if you are serving Japanese appetizers or Japanese chicken recipes and you want to do it in an authentic way, the food has to look good and be prepared so it can be eaten with the use of chopsticks so your meats need to be in bite size form. Serve some fresh herbs or thinly sliced lemon as garnish and use attractive crockery. People eat with their eyes before your Japanese chicken recipes even touch their tongue, so make sure your food looks appealing and everyone will want to sample some. You can serve Japanese chicken recipes with rice or noodles to keep in with the Japanese theme or with mashed potatoes or French fries to create a fusion dish. Continue reading

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