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What Defines Southern Fried Chicken?

There are lots of different recipes for southern fried chicken and, in fact, lots of fried chicken recipes in general. There is pan fried chicken, deep fried chicken and even oven fried chicken. There is the kind of chicken you get from fast food restaurants like KFC and there is home-cooked fried chicken.

So what is the difference between classic southern fried chicken and all the other fried chicken recipes out there? Actually, if you want the true definition of classic southern fried chicken, it is poultry which is coated in a batter or breadcrumb mixture and deep fried.

This southern style of cooking chicken always gives incredibly good results, no matter whether you are new to frying chicken or a professional, seasoned chef. This is such an easy dish to master and there are a lot of side dishes that go beautifully with it.

The reason why we are including a lot of non-typical southern fried chicken recipes (such as pan-fried or oven-fried ones, those with a Chinese or Japanese flair, or other miscellaneous fried chicken ideas) is because this recipe is so versatile, so easy to tweak, and there are so many possibilities. You might not be able to pick up oven-fried chicken or Chinese chicken wings in KFC but perhaps you are interested in making them yourself at home, and that is why we like to include as many recipes as possible.

The Southern Living Style

Southern living is all about traditional family values, good hearty home cooking and more, and classic southern fried chicken is as deeply southern as the warming rays of the southern sunshine. This is a feel-good recipe which is guaranteed to do just that. Southern fried chicken is true comfort food and it is impossible to bite into hot, crispy, classic southern fried chicken and not feel good.

What Defines Southern Fried Chicken?Some home cooks like to serve it once a week while others make it a more occasional treat or make it more often than that. Fried chicken is a budget-friendly meal because you can pick up chicken pieces cheaply. Poultry is of course a great source of protein and if you wish to trim the fat content you can always try oven-frying or grilling rather than deep frying, so you get the best of both worlds – all the flavor and texture you dream of without the associated fat.

Famous Southern Foods

Southern deep fried chicken has been popular for a long time in the south but what else is well loved down there? The southeastern Native American tribes are responsible for staples like tomatoes, squash and corn. Deep pit barbecuing can be traced back to them also. Big breakfasts are popular in the south and you can expect grits, fried eggs, bacon, pancakes and more.

Tex-Mex food is influenced by native tribal food and Mexican cuisine and a lot of Creole and Cajun cuisine stems from Spanish and French influences. Hot sauces, crawfish, chicken, berries, chili and catfish are just some of the more popular southern ingredients. Of course, when we say “Southern” that encompasses an enormous area of the United States as well as a range of popular ingredients, cooking techniques and cuisine styles.
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