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Is the Word Fried All That Terrible?

You probably remember when KFC changed its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken. They opted for the healthier sounding Kitchen Fresh Chicken instead. The Wesson Oil commercials seem to have vanished from our screens too. And what about Fry Daddy? It seems that we can’t even talk about fried foods now unless it’s in hushed tones. But why is this? Can’t we enjoy fried foods anymore? Our grandparents loved fried foods and many are still around to tell us about their favorite fried chicken batter recipe!

Check out the Long John Silvers menu or in fact any similar menu. You’ll find French fries, fried eggs, fried beer-battered shrimp and more. So apparently, fried food is still in high demand but there’s something taboo about admitting you enjoy your chicken fried rather than baked.

No matter how unhealthy fried food is perceived to be, it seems that nothing will stop many nations, especially the Americans, from indulging. Maybe obesity is the taboo word now rather than fried. But the reason why fried food is always going to be a passion is that it tastes so good! Fried foods might be greasy but they taste wonderful which is why true fast food fiends treat themselves to artery-clogging treats whenever they fancy them.

Southern fried chicken and French fries perhaps came first but now deep-fried Oreos and deep fried pickles are popular as well. How did that happen? Maybe you have already sampled deep fried peaches or deep fried ice cream. Often, deep-fried cheese sticks or deep fried mushrooms are expected accompaniments with a meal.

Ice cream is fattening anyway, so you might as well deep fry it, right? Cauliflower is good for you and frying is bad so is deep fried cauliflower good or bad?

Is the Word Fried All That Terrible?Experimenting with deep fried foods seems to be a current national obsession. Many people have more than one favorite deep fried chicken recipe. There are deep fried strawberries, deep fried cheesecake, deep-fried bananas, shrimp, turkey, rice balls and more! Is it edible? Well, let’s deep fry it!

Which kind of oil is best for deep-frying? You can choose from vegetable, peanut, olive, lard, canola, margarine or butter. Saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats – what are those? Who cares as long as they help with the deep frying process.

Perhaps quantity is the important aspect we are missing. Two deep fried Oreos might not give your cardiologist hot flushes or kill you on the spot but a whole packet of deep fried Oreos might not go down so well. Perhaps sharing a bucket of KFC, every Thursday night with the family is not a sin but devouring a whole bucket by yourself every weekday is not quite as forgivable. How about enjoying a deep fried cheesecake for dessert after enjoying a baked chicken recipe accompanied by salad as your main course? Surely, the key is moderation.

Maybe Americans eat too much and do not know about serving sizes. Dr Atkins could have been right when he said we were overindulging rather than stopping when our stomachs were full. Many people think that being full means feeling ready to explode rather than merely satisfied. Rather than yoyo dieting or following every fad diet that comes out, maybe we should just relax, eat in moderation, and balance what we eat.

There is nothing wrong with deep fried foods as long as we don’t forget about baked foods, grilled foods, raw foods, and getting enough fruit and vegetables. Also, what happened to taking a nice walk after dinner instead of slumping in front of the TV every single night? Don’t forget these habits are what our children are learning too. Carrying on like this might mean the next generation are even bigger and unhealthier and the sight of a non-obese person will be as rare as ordering a steak without deep fried mushrooms on the side.
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