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How to Cook Like a Southern Chef

Southern cooking is all about having passion for food and allowing that passion to show. Chicken is one of the staples in Southern cuisine and everyone loves the amazing flavor and texture of fried chicken, so why not learn some new southern side dishes, discover how to make butterfly wings, or learn how to incorporate buttermilk, if you want your food to have an authentic southern flavor?

Traditional Southern Side Dishes

If you are making the fried chicken for your family tonight, perhaps you would also like to rustle up some authentic southern side dishes to go with it. This dish doesn’t have to be served with southern style side dishes but a traditional southern meal can be fun, as well as very flavorful.

What about making a black eyed peas side dish recipe? Combining celery, garlic, bacon and onion with black eyed peas and broth results in a really delicious side dish which takes about forty minutes to simmer to perfection. Black eyed peas are a favorite in the southern states and they are healthy too.

Another good idea is a homemade cornbread recipe. Cornbread is delicious, especially when served warm from the oven. For something sweet, what about making sweet potato wedges or yam wedges? Cajun rice is another idea to serve with your best chicken fried steak recipe and you can cook some rice and add chopped tomatoes and herbs as well as a generous pinch of Cajun seasoning, for a quick and easy Cajun rice recipe. Creamed corn or corn on the cob are other good options if you want some colorful southern goodness with your chicken too.

How to Cook Like a Southern ChefIf you prefer to serve other side dishes with your chicken or just to serve it as a snack without any side dishes at all, that is perfectly possible. One of the delights of cooking your own fried chicken is you can choose whatever side dishes you want and you are not limited to what happens to be on the menu at your local takeout place.

What are Buffalo Wings?

If you are unfamiliar with the buffalo style flavor, you might want to know what buffalo wings are before making this fried chicken strips buffalo style recipe. Buffalo wings are the drummette and flat sections of chicken wings. They are named after their city of origin, which is Buffalo in New York. The buffalo sauce is usually made with butter and a cayenne sauce or hot pepper sauce. The wings are fried without breading. Buffalo wings are nice served with a blue cheese dressing. Buffalo wings are sometimes served dry with the sauce on the side.

There are other buffalo style snacks, such as buffalo fried chicken strips, buffalo popcorn chicken and buffalo chicken nuggets. When the butter and cayenne sauce is applied, you can use the term “buffalo” to describe the dish in question. Buffalo wings can be made mild, medium or hot and you can do the same when making fried chicken strips buffalo style, altering the amount of hot sauce you use. The seasoning used to make buffalo wings is very basic but it tastes delicious, so it is little wonder that other recipes such as buffalo style fried chicken strips are becoming so popular.
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