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Which is the Best Pan for Frying Chicken?

The pan you use to fry chicken impacts how well the chicken cooks and also the flavor. A lot of people use stainless steel skillets because they are cheap, easy to clean and they do the job. The best heat conductor is copper and a copper pan will cook your food quickly but it will cost a lot to buy.

An aluminum pan is good at conducting heat as well as being affordable, resistant to corrosion and lightweight. Cast iron pans are slow to heat but give even heat when they are hot. Multi-ply pans might be made of stainless steel and aluminum or stainless steel and copper. You can also get copper pans with an aluminum lining. The copper is good for conducting the heat and the aluminum is rustproof.

Choosing a Frying Pan or Skillet

If you want to know which is the best pan for frying chicken, the answer is that it depends on the chef. Different people have different preferences. Some people don’t mind waiting for a cast iron pan to heat up and other people have a hungry family and want to get their chicken fried as quickly as they can.

You might not be able to afford copper cookware and, if not, you can make excellent fried chicken recipes in stainless steel or aluminum pans too. The most important thing to remember is that you can use pretty much any cookware you have to make a delicious southern fried chicken recipe for the family.

If copper and cast iron are out of your price range, don’t worry about it because you can also make a wonderful meal in your existing frying pan because you know how long it takes to heat up and you are used to using it.

What Else Do You Need?

 Which is the Best Pan for Frying Chicken?A heavy pot is not the only thing you need to cook chicken, of course, and if you are using an electric deep-fat fryer then you will not even need a pan. You will need a dish or bowl for mixing the batter ingredients and also for dipping the chicken into the batter.

If you are marinating your poultry before applying the coating then a glass or ceramic dish is good, or else some large Ziploc bags. Some recipes call for the chicken pieces to be dipped in a liquid such as beaten egg, and then dipped in something solid like breadcrumbs, cornflakes or a flour mixture, so you might need a few bowls to hold the different coating ingredients.

Deep-Fry Thermometers

If you are using a pot to deep-fry instead of an electric deep fat fryer, you might find a thermometer useful, so you can ensure the oil is not too hot or too cool.

Throwing a breadcrumb into oil and having it sizzle as soon as it makes contact is useful to ensure the oil is sufficiently hot, but you do not want it to get too hot, so invest in a deep-frying thermometer (or one which works when plunged into hot liquid, such as a candy thermometer) and use that.

More Utensils for Deep-Frying

Do not use rubber or plastic utensils when deep-frying because they will melt. If your deep fat fryer has a basket then you can simply lift the basket (containing the fried chicken) out of the oil when it is ready.

If not, you will need a metal slotted spoon with a long handle so you can lift the chicken out without getting your fingers anywhere near the hot oil. A spider spoon is an alternative and that is like a big open spoon which resembles a wire basket. Either of these would be fine. Purchase one in any kitchen supply store. Paper towels are good for draining the excess oil off the cooked chicken.
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